Jimmy Fallon, the presenter of The Tonight Show, made light of the possibility of Joe Biden retiring during the opening monologue of his Monday night broadcast.

Fallon, 47, said: “I heard that Dr. Fauci planned to retire at the end of President Biden’s term. Yep, then everyone went to Biden like, ‘Is there anything you’d like to reveal too?’”

The joke is in line with a recent poll that revealed 64% of Democratic supporters want their party to choose a different presidential candidate in 2024, while 77 % of Americans believe the nation is heading in the wrong way. The US is on the right track, according to 13% of respondents, the lowest percentage since the height of the Great Recession more than ten years ago.

Despite this, Biden, the 79-year-old president of the United States, has frequently stated his intention to seek reelection. Last week, he even became irate with a reporter for implying that his party wanted him to leave office after only one term.

Fallon made fun of the Commander in Chief’s contentious fist bump greeting with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at their meeting last week elsewhere in his monologue.

The US has earlier accused the leader of Arabia of orchestrating the assassination of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi; the crown prince is said to have disputed the accusations.

Fallon isn’t the first late-night host to criticize Biden’s apparent cordial greeting. The fist bump with the latter was also condemned by Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah.

The fist bump was one of several perceived mistakes made by Biden in recent months; the most recent one was when he revealed his cancer diagnosis during a speech on Wednesday. Biden was making reference to skin cancer treatment that he received before assuming office last year, according to the White House press office.