While the focus has been on the GOP primary in Pennsylvania, where Mehmet Oz, Kathy, Barnette, and David McCormick are embroiled in a tight race, news from the Democrat side emerged on Sunday.

On Friday, John Fetterman, the expected contender to run against one of the three Republicans named, suffered a stroke and was admitted to the hospital.

While Fetterman looks to be in good condition, politicians have a strong incentive to ignore any health difficulties they may have. It will be some time before we know whether he is experiencing any long-term consequences. 

While it’s not uncommon for blood clot patients to have no long-term consequences if the clot was a one-time event, it’s also not uncommon for long-term issues to occur.

In a close race, this event may jeopardize Fetterman’s nomination, but he has such a large advantage over his closest rival, Conor Lamb, that he’ll almost certainly win the general election.

 It’s unclear whether the Republican nominee will make his health a campaign issue. Given what we’ve seen with other leaders, including the US President, the subject is fair game.