President Donald Trump requested that a special master be appointed to sort through the information that the FBI had taken from his home and identify any items that might be subject to attorney-client or executive privilege claims. Judge Aileen Cannon granted this request. Among the papers confiscated from Mar-a-Lago were Trump’s medical records, tax-related communications, and accounting data.

The Court’s order prohibited the FBI from reviewing any of the data before the special master was appointed and had had a chance to do so. Although it’s fortunate that the court stopped the FBI from looking into potentially protected papers, the court did not halt Avril Haines, the director of national intelligence, from conducting a “classification review.” The court may believe Haines to be “objective,” but given that she is a John Brennan disciple and a Biden appointee, it’s a bit like allowing the fox into the henhouse. My perspective is that it may invalidate the choice to choose a particular master altogether.

According to Donald Trump, Melania Trump’s closet and Barron Trump’s bedroom, who is 16 years old, were both searched during the absurdly wide-ranging FBI raid. 11,000 papers and 1,800 more things were taken by the FBI, according to the order.

Joe Biden asserted that he was unaware of the FBI’s investigation into Trump.

The Judge’s ruling now makes Joe Biden’s role in the records that Trump had previously turned over to NARA much more clear.

NARA informed Trump that, in accordance with the order, it will proceed with giving the FBI access to the relevant data as requested by the outgoing President as early as May 12, 2022.

Contrary to Biden’s allegations, the order states that Biden was the one who asked for the FBI to get the records that were sent to NARA.