Democrats are being urged to wage war on the GOP by liberal media, who have declared Republicans to be the enemy of the United States.

One such radical journalist, Roland Martin, asserted that Republicans and Democrats are at war because all conservatives are bad.

Martin gave Biden high marks for his remarks on Thursday. Here, in front of military men, the president attacked MAGA Republicans and dubbed them a threat to American democracy.

Martin asserted that despite criticism from the majority of mainstream media sources for politicizing the military, Biden had done a remarkable job of thwarting Trump’s malignancy.

Liberal anchor Tiffany Cross encouraged Martin to continue attacking Republicans by showing a clip from Biden’s address as he was doing so. Here, the president slammed Republicans who think the FBI raid on Trump’s home will destabilize the nation.

Although Biden did not name any individual Republicans in his statements, he could have been alluding to Senator Lindsey Graham’s claims that riots might break out on American streets if the DOJ pursues Trump’s prosecution.

Cross asked Martin to criticize mainstream Republicans rather than MAGA Republicans after showing Biden’s footage, saying that every member of the GOP is wreaking equal havoc on the nation.

Martin responded by citing the hymn “War” by Pastor Charles Jenkins and stating that Democrats and Republicans are also at war.

Martin said that Democrats need to approach Republicans the same way Jenkins advised his listeners to handle the conflict in his song. Jenkins advocated for people to not retreat from an attack during a battle in his well-known song.

Martin, a fervent opponent of Trump, also blasted CNN anchors for criticizing Biden for making a MAGA speech in front of Marines.