NBC erupted in hysteria after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and give states the power to decide whether or not to permit abortions.

Chuck Todd, moderator of Meet the Press, maintained that Friday’s decision proves that the judicial system is corrupt, specifically criticizing President Trump for appointing a number of conservative justices.

Oh, I believe the Supreme Court has abandoned its traditional black robes. The garments appear to be crimson and blue.

Todd kept harping on how “unfair and square” it is that there are so many conservatives on the Supreme Court.

Todd added, “I believe it is just going to add to skepticism. It’s been an aggressive, blatantly political campaign on the right in especially on judges, and if you look at these back-to-back judgments on guns and abortion, it isn’t really indicative of the where the country is and even was.

Todd said that it was safe to state that faith in the court has now been destroyed and that it will be perceived as an incredibly political institution before drawing to a close.

In the meanwhile, Terry Moran, an ABC News journalist, asserted that the Supreme Court’s legitimacy had ended and that the Court now consisted of politicians dressed as judges rather than actual justices.

“We are in a new era where the reaching for the center to keep the court’s legitimacy in the eyes of the public to keep the debate going is over, and we have a very, very strongly activist conservative court,”  he added.