The surge in crime continues to be a very severe issue across the United States. This is a predictable and regrettable result of local governments choosing to grant convicts early release, pull back cash bail, and cut funding for police enforcement.

Conservatives forewarned that crime rates would soar and innocent people would be endangered before these measures were implemented. But the people in charge disregarded the warnings.

Now that crime rates have skyrocketed, many individuals are physically paying the price for it.

Starbucks outlets in liberal cities are closing their doors, and the employees’ level of anxiety about reporting to work each day is rising. A recent analysis details the increasing risks that mail carriers face across the country.

Unfortunately, many letter carriers are being robbed while out performing their duties.

These thefts sometimes occur so that thieves can steal various items; in other situations, the robbers are attempting to obtain the master mailbox keys of the postal carriers.

Some letter carriers are obviously considering if the job is worthwhile as they are being attacked while at work. Additionally, some citizens have already reported that their mail has been taken during or after deliveries.

These crimes against postal couriers have been more frequent over time. However, even if they have a license for concealed carry, postal carriers are not permitted to carry a pistol on their person since they are government employees.

In essence, this renders postal carriers vulnerable with essentially no options as thieves get bolder in their attacks on these employees.

There is a chance that many letter carriers will look for work elsewhere if they stay in the line of fire.

Because fewer personnel are available to carry mail as a result, Americans who depend on letters, parcels, and other types of mail will have to wait longer.

Holding responsible the crooks who are abusing postal carriers and stealing people’s mail would help solve this issue from the source.