After they returned from vacation, a Utah man ran over and murdered his wife in a Salt Lake City airport parking garage, according to authorities.

After mowing down his 29-year-old wife, Charlotte Sturgeon, on the second level of a parking garage at Salt Lake International Airport on Monday, Shawn Christopher Sturgeon, 38, was charged with vehicle murder, according to police.

Sturgeon drove the vehicle to the airport parking payment booths, where he requested for assistance, shortly after the collision, with his wife gravely injured inside. According to Salt Lake City police, the incident occurred shortly after the couple returned from their trip.

Charlotte Sturgeon was taken to the hospital and eventually died, according to authorities. The crime, which is being investigated as a homicide, has yet to be given a suspected motivation by cops.

Sturgeon was still being detained without bond at the Salt Lake County Metro Jail early Tuesday, where he’s charged with vehicular murder, criminal negligence, and DUI of alcohol/drugs, according to online records. It’s unknown whether he’s retained counsel to speak for him.

Taylorsville is the couple’s final known address.

A person can be prosecuted with automobile homicide in Utah if he or she drives a car in a negligent manner, causing the death of another person while having a blood-alcohol concentration above the state’s standard of 0.05.

According to authorities, the event had no impact on airport operations.