Animal rescue films may instantly brighten one’s day. This video of a guy postponing his wedding to save a puppy is an excellent example of this genre. The video, which was shared on Reddit, will make you laugh out loud.

The video begins with a guy strolling to the edge of an overflowing river while a dog at the bottom of an elevated platform clings to life. The man then removes his coat and lowers himself near the dog, attempting to lift it up.

Another man arrives on the scene and assists the person attempting to save the dog. The team eventually pulls the dog to safety after several efforts.

‘Bravo!’ exclaims the individual who is filming the footage. ‘after the miraculous rescue.’ The men and the dog head towards the wedding location towards the end of the video.

The video has received over 62k upvotes and a number of responses. People couldn’t stop complimenting the man on his generosity. He was dubbed the “coatless hero to the rescue” by many. One internet user even imagined a happy ending to the touching film.