The Biden administration has exposed the bad politics of Democrats to the American people and the 2022 midterm elections are going to exact a price for those policies, according to former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“They’re feeling it in addition to seeing it,” Pompeo told Sunday’s “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM-N.Y. on energy, borders, COVID-19 restrictions, and out of control inflation.

“I am convinced in November of next year the American people are going to do what they did in Virginia and New Jersey a couple weeks back, and they’re going to acknowledge the reality of what’s good for them and good for their families.

“And they’re going to send a lot of these people back to become civilians and take them out of political life. That’ll be a wonderful thing.”

The southern border is showing Americans the Democrats are more concerned with their politics than their actual legal citizens, imposing measures on them and not on illegals, Pompeo told host John Catsimatidis

“I continue to watch what’s going on on the southern border; I’m very concerned,” Pompeo continued. “They are not serious about protecting American sovereignty. They’re not serious about making sure we don’t get massive cases of sick people coming across the border with COVID.

“It sounds like they’re going to make Americans take COVID tests for coming back home to their country, and they’re going to let foreigners who come here illegally not take those tests. That’s just confounding. It makes absolutely no sense.”

This not only potentially makes Americans more sick, it also makes them less safe, Pompeo continued.

“These aren’t just Mexican citizens; these aren’t just Central Americans from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala,” Pompeo said. “You have people coming in from all over. We know there’s a risk that somebody wants to do real harm to America, a terrorist or someone else can easily slip across that boundary and present an awful lot of risk to the United States of America.”

Open borders were always a bad idea, but it should be more apparent to Americans now more than ever, particularly as the illegals get privileges not afforded to citizens under the guise of COVID, Pompeo concluded.

“They’ve adopted a policy that was the Bernie Sanders immigration policy, which was come one, come all,” he said. “They’ve now taken this COVID thing seriously everyplace, indoors and outdoors throughout the United States. They’ve made our kids wear masks in schools.

“But if you’re an illegal immigrant crossing our southern border, Olly olly oxen free!

“And we’ll detain you, we’ll send you on your way inside the United States. We may put you on a bus or an airplane [so you can] travel all across America. And there’s no requirement that we make sure you are not sick or ill, or for that matter no significant vetting to make sure you’re not a bad actor intent on doing harm here inside the United States.”