MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace was a wreck after Terry McAuliffe, a Pro-Trump Republican, defeated Glenn Youngkin in Tuesday’s Virginia Governor race.

During her meltdown, Wallace falsely claimed that Critical Race Theory is “not real” and that “insurrection-supporting voters” vaulted Youngkin to victory. Yes.

“I watched Glenn Youngkin’s interviews on Fox News and he worshipped at the alter of Donald Trump on Fox News. He flew an insurrection flag at one of his rallies. He played dumb about a zoom rally. He really did not put much distance between himself and Donald Trump on the big lie or the deadly insurrection. So I think the real ominous thing is that ‘Critical Race Theory’, which isn’t real, turned the suburbs 15 points to the Trump-insurrection-endorsed Republican,” she said with sadness.


Wallace wasn’t alone in his meltdown. Van Jones, CNN’s propaganda director, also indulged in a sulking session.

“You do have the grassroots folks out there fighting for this on the Democratic Party side,” said Jones.

“The stakes are high. When this election is over in Virginia, we will know, have we seen the emergence of the Delta variant of Trumpism. The Delta variant of Trumpism. In other words, Youngkin, same disease, but spreads a lot faster and can get a lot more places,” he concluded.

Jake Tapper had to admit that it was a terrible night for Democrats.