In a recent appearance at CPAC Texas, former President Donald Trump gave a brilliant speech about the current state of America. He exposed how Democrats’ disastrously bad policies have led to us being on the verge of an abyss and demanded that significant action be taken against corrupt government officials, drug dealers, and illegal immigrants.

The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” went completely crazy after the speech, criticizing both Trump and his followers and saying that MAGA Republicans are utterly nuts for supporting politicians they called freaks. This was to be expected given how the lefties reacted to the speech.

For instance, Scarborough referred to Trump’s speech and the mindset it embodies as an illness.

His assertion that America isn’t advancing ignores the economy’s decline during the previous two quarters, the influx of unauthorized immigrants, and the inflation issue that is wreaking havoc on the country’s finances.

Scarborough continued to criticize Trump’s address, absurdly asserting that the country is doing well right now and that Trump attempted to install a fascist government.

“I think America is great. People hear it all the time. They get tired of me talking about how we still are exceptional despite the problems in Washington D.C. But Donald Trump continues to feed upon this pathology, and here he goes again talking about America in decline. All because he wasn’t able to pull off his fascist coup.”

Then, arguing that everything was fine under Obama and is still great under Biden, he went on to scream and ramble about how Trump’s infamous remark about American carnage was made up.

At that time, the equally insane Mika Brzezinski entered the fray, but she chose to target Trump’s followers rather than just him.

In an attempt to discredit MAGA Republicans, Scarborough intervened once more at that moment, stating, “I mean, what’s wrong, what’s wrong is their loyalty runs to a failed reality TV show host in a way that is stronger than their loyalty to the United States of America.”