During her remarks at the memorial service for former Senate Majority Leader Harried Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came dangerously close to being badly harmed. Pelosi was prepared to put on her mask after delivering her address when she lost her balance and nearly fell to the ground. The 81-year-old lifelong Democrat was able to catch herself and avoid a trip to the hospital.

She was so focused on putting her mask on that she didn’t even notice where she was walking, as shown  in the video. Several Twitter users mocked Pelosi, writing, “Pelosi needs to keep off the Vodka.”

“There has been a large outflow from Pelosi’s office in the last year as anticipation build that she would depart Congress after this term,” according to the report.

According to LegiStorm data, Aguilar’s departure moved him into the 90th percentile for most House staff turnover. While Pelosi’s office has been “pretty constant throughout the years,” the number of personnel leaving Pelosi’s office increased drastically last year, according to the statistics.

Pelosi isn’t the only senior politician who has suffered a setback. Both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have had their share of blunders. Biden, 79, was filmed sliding down the steps while attempting to walk up them inside the first month of his presidency. In 2016, a video showed Hillary Clinton being literally carried by the Secret Service.

Given that they chose someone like Biden to be the Democratic nominee, it’s evident that the Democratic party is on its final legs. Progressives like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be tolerated by Democrats, but the established Democrats have their own agenda, which rarely includes progressives. Social progressives, on the other hand, want to replace aging, veteran Democrats like Pelosi with socialist-leaning legislators.

Given that 23 Democratic members of Congress are retiring and 13 Republican members of Congress are not seeking re-election, Republicans appear to have a bright future in the 2017 midterm elections. If Republicans can retake Congress and put Trump back in the White House, there should be some good days ahead.