The Statistics on the people they have apprehended in this fiscal year were just released by CBP. These statistics are not very encouraging. CBP data shows that not only have the numbers of migrants crossing the border increased to the point of a tsunami but many of those who are returning were also deported.

The recidivism rate is first. CBP defines recidivism as ” percent of individuals apprehended more often than once by Border Patrol within a fiscal calendar year.” It was just 13.5% during the Trump years. This number has risen to 27% under Biden.

In an ideal world, this would be because the border is so well controlled that very few people attempt to cross it. This includes those who have crossed it before and believe they can again. It doesn’t seem to be the case. This year, it is predicted that 2.1 million illegal migrants will cross the border.

CBP reports that 1,956,519 encounters this year have been reported. We still have two months of work to do. This compares to the average of 751,231 encounters during Trump’s presidency. If the 2.1 million migrants are actually here, it’s almost a 300% increase under Biden.

Additionally, many crossings are criminals, Just the News reports the following:

Over 17,300 illegal migrants were detained by federal law enforcement officers last fiscal year, with previous convictions for other crimes. This is an increase of 9,447 migrants in fiscal 2020.

[…]Office of Field Operation agents encountered 6,567 criminal migrants and arrested 8,979 individuals already in the National Crime Information Center database. NCIC arrests include citizens and noncitizens wanted by law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Criminals who crossed the border again were convicted of all sorts of horrible crimes in the heartland. This included rape, murder, and sexual assault of children. Some were involved in drug smuggling or other activities related to the blood-soaked Mexican cartels. Others were also involved in other crimes and predations such as burglary or robbery.

The only bright spot in CBP’s report is the decrease in arrests for gang affiliations. However, it is not clear if this is because fewer gang members crossed the border or CBP isn’t catching them. It’s likely that MS-13 members, Los Zetas gunmen and other gang thugs aren’t being arrested due to the huge human trafficking across the border.

CBP arrested gang and cartel members with heinous histories. Just the News has provided a few examples:

For example, a Salvadoran national gang member was convicted of accessory murder and sentenced to 10 year imprisonment in Maryland. Later, he was deported and then was caught again trying to enter the U.S illegally.

[…]Agents continue to apprehend registered sex offenders. One recent apprehension was of a previously removed Guatemalan national, Jose Yojcom-Rocche, who has an active warrant out of Los Angeles. The LAPD arrested him in 2019 for lewd or lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14, sentenced to 180 days confinement and five years probation.

Another recent apprehension was of Mexican national Humberto Tiburcio-Loyo, who was convicted in 2011 of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old child in Brownsville. He was sentenced to six years in prison, released, and deported earlier this year, only to reenter illegally.

Rape. Murder. Sexually assaulting children. These sick thugs were never released. How many other thugs are like them, crossing the border to enter America and committing more crimes against American citizens.

Team Biden will pay $450,000 for each illegal migrant who is separated at the border. This will only increase the flow of illegal immigrants into America’s heartland.