The NFL has issued a major statement on unvaccinated players.

The distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated players has finally been abolished by the league. This means that players who have not been vaccinated will no longer be tested on a daily basis.

In addition, regardless of vaccination status, the NFL has decreased the quarantine period for all players.

While daily testing is no longer required, enhanced symptom screening, symptom-based testing, and targeted surveillance testing will be required of all players and tiered personnel.

Only roughly a dozen unvaccinated players on playoff teams have yet to be infected with the coronavirus.

As per NFL’s statement, “The NFL just sent a memo to the remaining playoff clubs with a significant update to COVID testing cadence—eliminating the distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated players, who will no longer be subject to daily testing, per sources.

The change is based on info gathered the past month on the Omicron variant and was approved by the NFLPA. All players and tiered staff will be subject to enhanced symptom screening, symptom-based testing and targeted surveillance testing.”