North Korea claimed to have a missile capable of reaching the US mainland and causing global tremors.

Pyongyang has undertaken a flurry of missile tests since the beginning of the year, including seven in January, which the foreign ministry described as “amazing achievements” on Tuesday.

On January 30, North Korea stated it conducted its first test of the Hwasong-12, one of its most advanced intermediate-range missiles developed in 2017. The country also claimed to possess the Hwasong-15, a long-range missile capable of reaching the US mainland. Since its creation in 2017, the Hwasong-15 has not been tested.

The foreign ministry stated in a statement on Tuesday that the bigger missile may easily target the United States. Only a few countries have hydrogen bombs, intercontinental ballistic missiles, or hypersonic missiles, despite the fact that the world has over 200 countries.

This month, UN experts warned that the testing of short- and medium-range missiles had accelerated significantly in recent weeks.

North Korea was first sanctioned by the UN Security Council in 2006 for its nuclear and missile programs, and the restrictions have since been tightened.

North Korea’s missile development is also thought to have been funded with roughly $50 million in stolen cryptocurrencies, according to the UN.