Just a day after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 booster shot a New York Times editor died unexpectedly from a heart attack.

“This is Carlos’s wife, Nora. It’s with deepest sorrow that I have to share with you that Carlos passed away last night of a heart attack. I’ve lost my best friend and our kids lost a truly great dad. I will be off social media for awhile,” Carlos Tejada’s wife announced on his Twitter account on December 18 ( YOU CAN SEE A SCREEN SHOT BELOW ).

Twitter Post:

Tejada was The NY Times Deputy Asia, Editor. He previously worked at The Wall Street Journal. According to his Twitter account, he lived in Seoul, South Korea.

Americans are encouraged to get a third dose of COVID-19 because the Omicron variant (some say it presents with milder symptoms) spreads quickly.

The White House has led the push to get vaccinated, and get a booster shot, and stated that America’s unvaccinated people are “looking at a winter full of severe illness and death” for themselves, their families, and the hospitals they may soon overwhelm.

New York and Boston have both implemented vaccination passport systems. This system effectively bans the unvaccinated from public places.

Currently, the FDA has not approved a vaccine for Americans. The USA has yet to receive the version of Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine despite its FDA approval on August 23. This predicated many vaccine mandates at both the federal and state level.

The CDC warns about the possibility of myocarditis. This is an inflammation of the heart muscle that could cause heart attack or death.