In New York City, things aren’t looking good. Thousands of employees from home sanitation, fire, police, education, and other departments have been sacked as a result of their refusal to get vaccinated against COVID.

Meanwhile, the city is coping with a serious crime problem that has forced companies to close their doors permanently. At the very least, this is happening at many Rite Aid shops in the Manhattan region.

All of this occurs while Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, is in charge of the city. During his time as a mayoral candidate, Adams pledged to eliminate crime in New York City.

This isn’t going so well, which has led to some justified criticism of the mayor. Adams has chosen to term this a sort of racism because he is being blamed for the difficulties in his city.

The Marxist mayor of New York City is claiming that his detractors are unable to correctly interpret his tenure as mayor because he is black and they are not.

Adams further alleged that the media is distorting the truth regarding his leadership because he is black. Later, the mayor of New York City declared that he used the racial card to deflect criticism because he loved it.

Many people who disagree with what’s going on in New York City, on the other hand, have rebutted the mayor’s allegations.

People are properly pointing out that Adams has failed to deliver on his campaign promises. Crime is a major problem that puts the lives of ordinary New Yorkers in jeopardy and drives companies out of neighborhoods.

Nevertheless, Adams supports de Blasio’s vaccination regulations, despite the fact that the current mayor is laying off city workers at a time when they are needed more than ever.