Panama City Beach, Florida is a popular destination for college students and spring breakers looking to party and have a good time. It’s gone out of hand in previous years, with arrests and rumored riots, but this year things have completely spiraled out of control.

Over 160 people were arrested by police over the weekend in a futile attempt to keep the enormous crowds that had converged on the region from causing any more damage or disorder.

While most of the media has blamed spring breakers for the mayhem and criminality, a deeper examination of the evidence reveals that the perpetrators were not ordinary college students.

The rioters weren’t fraternity boys from Alabama or sorority girls from South Carolina, but low-level criminals like the ones we saw on TV sets and social media footage around the country during the George Floyd riots.

During their battles with these individuals, officers claimed seizing 75 weapons.

Local Walmart was one of the businesses that chose to close early, according to Police Chief J.R. Talamantez. The aisles are in disorder, with hats, sunscreen, and other items being thrown off the shelves by boisterous shoppers, according to video recorded from inside the store.

Criminal elements, not college students on spring break, were turning the neighborhood into a scene out of Dante’s Inferno or any American city during the George Floyd riots, according to the police and local authorities.

Law enforcement representatives stated Sunday that they suspected those arrested and found with firearms weren’t typical spring break visitors, but rather criminals taking advantage of the crowds.

Panama City Beach, at least as of this past weekend, had turned into a quagmire. While many are attempting to throw the responsibility on the shoulders of college students who went down for a little spring break fun, the data clearly demonstrates that criminal elements, not fun-seeking spring breakers, are to blame.