Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seemed to elbow Rep. Mayra Flores’ small daughter during the picture opportunity for the Texas lawmaker’s swearing-in. However, the action was noticed and extensively circulated on Twitter.

Then Mayra Flores spoke out and said that her daughter had been pushed after all.

Flores complimented her daughter for not letting it bother her and keeping her position, but she also made a sharp remark to Pelosi that no one should be forced into a picture opportunity.

It almost seems as though Drew Hamill, her deputy chief of staff and spokeswoman, didn’t even bother to watch the video or entirely disregarded what Flores stated in his answer. Despite Pelosi’s denials, Hammill effectively confirmed that Pelosi had pushed the kid, explaining that she had been trying to shove the girl so the youngster would be in the photo.

This does not appear to be Pelosi upholding the child’s right to bodily autonomy or protecting the “children, children, children,” as Pelosi frequently asserts. The reasoning here gets to something more fundamental: Pelosi believes she has a right to do anything she wants.

Flores’ victory in a traditionally Democratic seat is a sign of the wave to come in November, so perhaps that was what Nancy was thinking about. That young girl had informed Pelosi that she intended to enter the room. Come November, the people will give her another message.