A new poll released on Monday shows a dip in President Joe Biden’s favorability numbers in recent weeks, putting him in a statistical tie with former President Donald Trump, according to The Hill.

In a new survey from Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, Biden’s favorability rating currently stands at 46% favorable to 49% unfavorable, while 48% said they have a favorable view of Trump and 47% reported an unfavorable view of the former president.

Biden’s approval rating also shows that, for the first time since taking office, more voters disapprove of his job performance than approve, 50% to 48%. 

“The mounting issues on all fronts have led to the surprise conclusion that Trump is now seen as good a president as Biden, suggesting the honeymoon is being replaced now with buyer’s remorse,” said Mark Penn, Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey co-director.

“Since Trump lost the popular vote by 5 points, Trump getting 51 percent as a better president is actually an improvement from Election Day,” he added.

The poll also found that Vice President Kamala Harris and other members of the Biden administration aren’t faring much better than the president. Fifty-five percent said former Vice President Mike Pence was better in the role than Harris, and 63% said former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was a better secretary of state than Antony Blinken.

“People see Pence as a better VP by 10 points and overwhelmingly see Pompeo as far better than Blinken, who has been out front on Afghanistan,” Penn said.

The poll, a collaboration between Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies and the Harris Poll, surveyed 1,578 registered voters from September 15 to 16, with no margin of error given.