Liberal “logic” was on full display at the White House’s press briefing.

Joe Biden has made it possible for millions of Americans to get the coronavirus vaccine by giving them a shot in their arm. Private employers are responsible for enforcing the “new federal vaccine requirements”, which could have an impact on as many as 100 million Americans.

Biden White House Press acknowledges that the U.S. vaccine mandate does not cover migrants at its southern border.

It’s a simple question: Why don’t migrants who illegally enter the United States need to present proof of vaccination at the border?

According to reports, foreign nationals flying into the United States will need to show proof of vaccination.

The Biden White House says the rules don’t apply to illegal aliens because they are “not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.”

Democrat are also pushing for amnesty to allow illegal aliens to remain in America and give them citizenship status. The Biden White House is clearly contradicting itself.

Proof of their push for amnesty is the fact that Democrats have proposed the largest single spending bill ever, at $3.5 trillion.

Democrats wanted to include Immigration provisions in the $3.5 Trillion bill as part of their plan so that they could include “a pathway for citizenship for illegal aliens.”

Already, the country faces unprecedented problems as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Democrats want to make things worse.

A preliminary ruling by the Senate Parliamentarian has dealt a huge blow to Democrats. This ruling confirms that Democrats can’t include a pathway for illegal aliens to citizenship in their $3.5 trillion social spending bill.

Fox News stated, “A preliminary ruling from Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, obtained by Fox, would bar Democrats from adding immigration provisions to the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.”

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