Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told Roaring Patriot that the ”messed-up” policies of President Joe Biden and the Democrats are causing the supply chain crisis, among other national problems.

The supply chain crisis is ”created by the Biden policies. I don’t know that this administration has done one thing right,” Jordan said on Tuesday’s ”Spicer & Co.”

”Think about this one thing Democrats typically do well — spend other people’s money. Spend taxpayer money. They can’t even do that right. They can’t get their act together on that, so they haven’t done anything right, and we’re seeing it in the supply chain. The cost of goods and services just continues to go up because they’re messing up every policy you can.

Hundreds of ships carrying thousands of stacked cargo containers with an estimated $106,400,000,000 in merchandise and supplies are in a holding pattern around the nation’s ports looking for a slip to dock and unload.

Many of the ships have continued circling the ports for as long as three months, and once they do get in and unload, there may be a wait to get the containers to their final destinations.

”They’re not coming to get their freight,” Griff Lynch, executive director of the Georgia Ports Authority, told The New York Times. ”We’ve never had the yard as full as this.”

The labor shortage has meant fewer people to get the ships unloaded, fewer train engineers, and truck drivers to get the goods to warehouses around the country, and fewer people to stock and sell the merchandise at wholesale and retail locations, creating empty store shelves in many locations.

”When you pay people not to work, you shouldn’t be surprised when you can’t find workers,” Jordan said. ”When you fire people in distribution centers, in factories, working as a longshoreman, when you fire people because they won’t get a shot, even if they had COVID and have natural immunity, when you do that, it shouldn’t surprise you when you have shortages.”

Some U.S. manufacturers said they are waiting as long as 92 days to get the components and raw materials to assemble products.

The shortages during the holiday season are likely to throw cold water on the busiest time of year for many businesses, causing not only a drop in revenue, but also disappointment for customers unable to get key gifts and other items.

In addition, the cost to ship merchandise rose from $2,000 per container before the pandemic to $20,000 now, a price rise that could add to the cost of many items and increase inflation.

”This is this is what happens when you have terrible leadership and terrible policies and they come together,” he said. ”You get the chaos we now see in every policy area across the board.”

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