Californians know the immense stress and toll that Sacramento’s fascist leadership has caused on Californians.

Over the past 18-months, hundreds of Fresno businesses have been closed or substantially reduced in number. We have some of our worst-performing public schools. Violent crime and domestic abuse increased while we were locked down in the central valley.

Our state, unlike Florida, has kept us in masks and Governor Newsome attempted to claim credit for the drop in our infection rate. California’s numbers are rising quickly, but Florida’s aren’t.

California’s COVID-19 cases have not fallen in California. They have climbed up to the CDC blood-red “high level” of virus transmission, as the highly contagious Delta variant continues to wreak havoc.

However, Southern states like Florida and Texas, where leaders don’t enforce face mask policies or support strict mandates, are at the CDC’s orange “substantial transmission” level.

California has a higher vaccination rate than Florida and Texas, but it has not stopped the spread of disease. California has 62 percent of its total population fully vaccinated. Texas reports 66% and Florida 54%, respectively.

As reported in the Tampa Bay Times

“There are early indications that the decline in the delta surge at the national level in the U.S. has ended,” said Ali H. Mokdad, professor of health metrics sciences at the University of Washington, which runs a widely followed model projecting the course of the pandemic. Currently, 19 states have increasing transmission, including several such as California “that had previously appeared to have been declining.”

So why aren’t Golden Staters reaping more reward for their adherence to health guidance while the virus gives freewheeling Dixie a break?

Mokdad stated, “You’re paying to your success, which seems strange.” “You control the virus and now you have infections .”

Florida, meanwhile, hit another new benchmark last week. The first hospital in the state to treat a COVID patient last year, Doctor’s Hospital, announced that for the first time since the pandemic, it has no virus patients in its care.

“This is great news! For two weeks and counting, Florida has had the lowest rate of new COVID-19 cases in the entire country – with no mandates, vaccine passports, or lockdowns. Overall, COVID hospitalizations have been declining for more than 70 days straight, and we’re at an all-time low in terms of the number of COVID patients hospitalized statewide,” Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, told Fox News on Monday when asked for comment about Doctor’s Hospital in Sarasota.

Let’s all follow the science and the data. We can all live again as free citizens.