Former President Donald Trump has been in contact with some of the family members of the 13 service members killed in Afghanistan and is considering attending funerals of several of the soldiers, reports The Washington Post.

“It was just very cordial, very understanding. He was awesome,” Darin Hoover, whose 31-year-old Marine son died in the blast, told the Post of his conversation with Trump. “He was just talking about the finest of the finest. He said he heard and saw everything that we had said, and he offered his condolences several times, and how sorry he was.”

Some of the families invited Trump to their children’s funerals and he has suggested he may try to go, according to the Post.  

President Joe Biden met privately with the families in late August and attended a dignified transfer of the fallen troops while at Dover Air Force base, a military ritual of receiving the remains of those killed in foreign combat.

“The 13 service members that we lost were heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of our highest American ideals and while saving the lives of others,” Biden said in a statement on Aug. 29. “Their bravery and selflessness has enabled more than 117,000 people at risk to reach safety thus far.”

Trump has slammed Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, on Tuesday telling Roaring Patriot it was the “most incompetently handled withdrawal or anything else in the history of our country.”

“I don’t think our country has ever seen a period like this, how badly were doing, and then you take a look at the border. And worst of all is what took place in Afghanistan.”

“That withdrawal was the most incompetently handled withdrawal or anything else in the history of our country,” he continued. “We’re embarrassed in front of the world.”

Some of the soldiers’ parents have publicly blamed Biden for their children’s death, including Kathy McCollum, whose 20-year-old son, Rylee, was killed in the attack.

“Twenty years and 6 months old, getting ready to go home from freaking Jordan to be home with his wife to watch the birth of his son, and that feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap just sent my son to die,” she told SiriusXM talk show host Andrew Wilkow on “The Wilkow Majority” two weeks ago.

“I woke up at 4 o’clock this morning,” McCollum said. “Two Marines at my door telling me that my son was dead.

“I just want all you Democrats who cheated in the election, or who voted for him legitimately, you just killed my son,” she claimed. “With a dementia-ridden piece of crap who doesn’t even know he’s in the White House, who still thinks he’s a senator.