Crime is on the rise in Democrat-controlled communities across the country.

In contrast, a Republican Florida prosecutor used an effective technique to reduce criminal activity in her community, which has a lot to offer Democratic politicians.

Melissa Nelson, a Republican prosecutor in Florida, is targeting violent criminals and pursuing harsher penalties for repeat offenders in order to deter criminals in her district.

Murders in Jacksonville, Florida decreased by 30% and gunshots decreased by 17% in 2021 compared to 2020, according to the data.

As a result, a representative for Florida’s Fourth Circuit State Attorney Office informed Fox News that the numbers are under control this year, following last year’s effective crime management.

Nassau, Clay, and Duval counties, as well as the whole city of Jacksonville, are all part of the Fourth Circuit.

Melissa Nelson is the prosecutor in this case, and she is known for taking a unique approach to offenders, such as relating gun violence to the exhibition of firearms in music videos.

Similarly, she wants people who commit serious gun crimes to face hefty penalties.

In comparison to adjacent localities and other states, the prosecutor’s techniques have resulted in low homicide rates.

Nelson claimed that the strategy’s beneficial benefits were seen in 2021, encouraging the government to keep working in the right path.

As a result, she declared that public safety is her office’s top priority.

Nelson was convicted of manslaughter in a case of drug overdose against a drug dealer earlier this year.

She also approved a proposal that would allow prosecutors to issue warrants without the permission of supervisors, a move that goes against standard policing practices and has been widely condemned by liberals.

In her memo, the prosecutor stated that repeat criminals must be discovered and removed from society.

Nelson’s heroics come at a time when George Gascon, a progressive attorney in Los Angeles, is following a controversial route. He issued directives prohibiting the pursuit of guns improvements without his authority.

The impact of these progressive initiatives may be seen in the city’s murder statistics, which increased by 94% between 2019 and 2021.