The ATF violates your right to bear arms, shoots your pets, and burns down your home while your children are still inside. Or, at least, that’s how it’s remembered in the public following the Waco debacle in the 1990s and subsequent scandals and absurd judgements. It made a number of poor decisions, from bump stocks to David Koresh.

That was actually posted. Some ATF operatives decided that Valentine’s Day would be a good time to publish a message encouraging you to inform on your loved ones who are practicing their 2nd Amendment rights. Maybe they were just offering to shoot your ex’s dog for you, as someone put it on Twitter.

Hunter Biden was drawn into the scandal because of a narrative involving a firearm and his ex-girlfriend. As ZeroHedge put it, the tweet backfired instantly, as a slew of people alerted the ATF to the fact that Robert Hunter Biden, the president’s son, lied on an ATF Form Firearms Transaction Record about concealing his history of illegal drug use during a gun purchase in 2018.

Hunter purchased a gun in 2018, which his lover placed in a trash can and was discovered by a scavenger. Yes, it’s true. The Secret Service then tried to blackmail a gun shop owner into concealing the purchaser’s information. Hunter also lied on the paperwork about his drug use, as he was consuming crack at the time and didn’t state it.

“On October 12, 2018, Hunter Biden bought a.38 revolver from a Delaware gun shop.

On October 23, Hallie Biden, Joe Biden’s son Beau’s widow, inspected Hunter’s van and discovered the weapon. She put the rifle in a shopping bag and tossed it in the trash outside a grocery store, presumably fearful for Hunter’s safety. Hunter learns about the gun disposal the same day and reports the missing firearm to law police. The Delaware State Police, Secret Service, FBI, and, eventually, the ATF were all involved in the inquiry.