Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., on Sunday blasted President Joe Biden as “weak on China.”

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Blackburn ripped Biden’s virtual meeting last week with Chinese Community Party leader Xi Jinping.

“Joe Biden is weak on China — he was responding to chairman XI Jinping because he asked for the video conference,” she asserted. “Biden did not ask for this. Of course, we have several American citizens that are being held in China against their will. We released seven. I think we are all going to want to hear about this. But what we do know, the Chinese do not fear Joe Biden, they do not fear this administration. They are more aggressive now than they have ever been.”

According to Blackburn, the Communist Chinese Party won’t be telling the truth about the most pressing issues facing the United States.

“Whether it is COVID[-19] or great competition, whether it is some of these trade policies, whether it is a debt diplomacy, the Communist Chinese Party is aggressive,” she said. “They are not going to be truthful in their negotiations. They are not coming together, they are an adversary. This administration needs to realize this. They need to admit it in Joe Biden needs to stop kowtowing to the Communist Chinese.”

After the virtual meeting, both sides held firm to their positions on the issues that divide Washington and Beijing, with Xi warning that the U.S. and Taiwan are playing with fire over the self-governing island that China claims.

The two nations were aiming to end a sharp deterioration in relations that accelerated under former U.S. President Donald Trump and had festered since Biden became president in January. The video conference, which took place Tuesday morning in Beijing and Monday evening in Washington, lasted more than three hours.

‘If we are not standing up to them, then we are giving them political power,” Blackburn said. “The weakness of this administration, the hesitancy to hold them to account. Whether it is trade or COVID  or economic policy, what we need to do is say ‘no, we are not going to talk to you until you do certain things.’ COVID and the origins of COVID is a big part of that, stopping the genocide on the Uyghurs, stopping the harassment of Taiwan — sending that message: We will stand for Taiwan.”

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