Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is blaming Iran for the attack on U.S. troops in Syria.

His comments came in a Thursday tweet, in which he appeared to warn the Biden administration against downplaying Iran’s role in the attack.

He wrote: “Iran directly attacked U.S. troops in Syria yesterday Don’t cover this up just to save your hoped for nuclear deal with Iran.”

Rubio did not provide any further information to back up his claim about Iran being responsible for the attack.

The Associated Press reported on Wednesday that a military outpost in southern Syria was attacked. However, no American troops were injured or killed in the coordinated assault.

The al-Tanf garrison is used by U.S. and coalition troops to train local Syrian opposition forces on patrols to counter Islamic State militants

The AP said the base is located on a road, which serves as a key link for Iranian-backed forces from Tehran all the way to Israel and southern Lebanon.

A U.S. official said it appeared drone strikes and indirect fire were used in the attack, according to CNN.

Another official told AP it was not clear who carried out the attack.

Central Command spokesman Capt. Bill Urban confirmed “a deliberate and coordinated attack.

“Based on initial reports, the attack utilized both unmanned aerial systems and indirect fire,” he said, according to Fox News. “All U.S. personnel have been accounted for, and we are not aware of any injuries to U.S. personnel at this time.” 

“We maintain the inherent right of self-defense and will respond at a time and place of our choosing.”