Actor Michael Rapaport was recently involved in a bizarre incident at a Rite Aid.

The well-known actor released a TikTok video showing a man reportedly robbing a Rite Aid and strolling out with a bag of merchandise while a security guard stood by and did nothing!


I just saw this at my RITE AID

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In the year 2022, welcome to America! It appears that you can rob a store right in front of a security guard and get away with it.

The man donned a mask, allegedly dropped condoms into a bag, and walked away.

For the record, this is becoming an all-too-common occurrence in some regions of the country. People rush into establishments, steal items, and then depart in places where laws aren’t strictly enforced, such as San Francisco.

How can we call ourselves a civilized society when businesses are being pillaged and no one is doing anything?

I’d also say that it’s depressing and a poor reflection of where we’ll be in 2022. We cannot live in a society where criminals are free to do as they like.