GOP Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said his state’s new abortion ban is simply aiming to “protect the unborn.”

The new Texas law places a ban on most abortions and allows a reporting system through which private citizens can sue abortion providers or people who receive abortions.

President Joe Biden said the “most pernicious thing about the Texas law is it sort of creates a vigilante system that seems “almost un-American.”

Paxton responded to Biden during an appearance Sunday on Fox News.

“If anybody is un-American, it’s the president for not defending our borders and for what he’s allowed in Afghanistan,” Paxton told the network. “All Texas is trying to do is protect the unborn.

“We have a right, I think, to do that. We had a right before Roe v. Wade; this system that the Supreme Court has set up, it’s constantly changing based on different judges coming in and going out. And it hasn’t worked.”

Paxton said each state should be allowed to regulate as it sees fit and “people can move to the state that they’re most comfortable living in.”

The state attorney general was asked about The Wall Street Journal editorial board’s claim that the new Texas law sets “an awful precedent” by which other states could allow citizens to sue over hate speech or gun ownership.

“I think Texas has the right to protect its unborn,” Paxton told Fox News. “They provided a private cause of action, it’s not the government enforcing. These are individuals that have the right to be heard in court by the judicial system and it will proceed forward. There’ll be an opportunity for each of these cases to be heard on the merit and facts that each case presents.”

Paxton also was asked about the ongoing crisis in which migrants continue to surge to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“It’s getting worse and worse, there’s more and more people coming across, the numbers continue to increase,” Paxton told Fox News.

“We’re gonna have more greater crime problems, we have greater COVID problems, we have more fentanyl coming from the Chinese across the border and the cartels are getting stronger and stronger as they get paid by each of these people that come across the border and as they get paid to smuggle drugs and people across the border.”

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