Local authorities in Texas’ border counties stated that Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican from Texas, must deport persons who they believe are in the country illegally.

According to a number of community leaders and activists, Abbott would be justified in removing immigrants because the Biden administration has not done so.

This week, the counties of Kinney, Goliad, Terrell, and Uvalde declared disasters and urged Abbott to enforce immigration rules.

The increase in border interactions with migrants led some county authorities, including Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan, to proclaim a local state of calamity.

The authorities said that when traffickers attempt to elude local law enforcement on their motorways and county roads, they harm property. The quantity of smuggling that has interfered with the sheriff’s offices’ other responsibilities has left them overburdened.

Abbott said in April that he had declined to deport immigrants because he was worried about the legal repercussions.

On Tuesday, representatives from Texas border counties said that President Joe Biden had abdicated the federal government’s constitutional obligation to protect states against invasion and domestic abuse.

Thus, according to the officials, states have a fundamental right to defend themselves against a threat that is about to strike.

A legal argument advanced in February by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has formed the foundation for calls to declare an invasion by using the US and state constitutions.

Brnovich noted that hostile non-state entities were included in the Constitution’s concept of invasion in addition to hostile foreign nations.

However, according to some legal professionals, asserting a border invasion would probably be illegal under both US asylum rules and the legal precedent that grants the federal government the power to determine and implement immigration policies.

Abbott gave the Texas National Guard permission to detain anybody who broke the law by crossing the US-Mexico border illegally in August. A month prior, the Guard had been instructed to aid the Texas Department of Public Safety in the deportation of illegal immigrants who had broken the law.

After the Biden administration had sent immigrants to locations around the country, Abbott then started bringing migrants from Texas to Washington, DC, in April.