Four captured migrants who were caught in a smuggling operation were personally driven back to the border by a Texas sheriff who had had enough of Biden’s flawed border policy.

The migrants were found when a suspected smuggling truck that Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe’s officers were chasing crashed on Wednesday morning, he told the Epoch Times.

One wounded person who was sent to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries was among the five illegal immigrants who were discovered inside the car. The four unharmed migrants had turned down all medical assistance, according to Coe.

“So I can’t let them walk the streets. I can’t say, ‘Hey, go, be free.’ Because I still have to protect the Constitution and protect the people in the county. To let them go, undocumented, unaccounted for, just go because of a policy — I couldn’t do it.”

In order to reach Eagle Pass, which has a legitimate port of entry into Mexico, Coe claimed to have loaded them all into his sheriff’s car and driven there for an hour.

The four migrants were left by the sheriff in the middle of the international bridge.

The driver, a citizen of Mexico who was sporting cartel-related insignia, was taken into custody and is currently being held on seven criminal counts.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, commended Coe and all of his Texas sheriffs for their tenacious efforts at the border.

“I applaud all of our sheriffs for having to respond in unprecedented conditions. And that’s causing all of us to use unprecedented action. And so whether it’s doing what that sheriff in Kinney County is doing, or what we’re doing, such as turning back more than 20,000 people, we all have our own tools and strategies that we use to either turn back or to return people across the border,”  Abbott commended.