When Team Biden lifts Title 42, it becomes considerably more difficult to send border intruders out of the country; if that happens, it appears that all hell will break loose at the border.

Surprisingly, NBC Nightly News reported on this, interviewing TX Sheriff Eddie Guerra, a Democrat, about the impending border catastrophe and what he sees as the inevitable outcome of repealing Title 42.

Despite being a Democrat, he was not enthusiastic about removing Title 42, which he accurately saw as a bad choice that would force law enforcement to take drastic measures.

In fact, once Guerra stated that he is requesting that Title 42 be reconsidered, they agreed. Border Patrol has advised Sheriff Eddie Guerra to have his officers on standby in case the ports of entry are overcrowded.

Overcrowding at entry points. That doesn’t sound like a good idea. And then Guerra went on to make it sound even worse. Guerra described the steps that would have to be taken to stop the tidal wave of people rushing across the border and overwhelming ports of entry: “We’re talking about the deputies dressed in their riot gear with their shields and their helmets and batons to keep the crowd at bay.”

Migrants passing through McAllen’s central bus station on their way to the Rio Grande Valley. Officials here are concerned that if the numbers rise too high, the bus station and shelters would be overwhelmed, leaving people with nowhere to go and sleeping on the streets.

According to a senior source within the Department of Homeland Security, the department has established a tentative deadline of April 1, 2022, to abolish the emergency CDC migrant removal power, Title 42. The agency is hurrying to deal with the major migration event expected to hit the US/Mexico border as a result of the action, according to the source.

That massive influx of people crossing the border isn’t going to end well, especially if Texas cops become overwhelmed and try to beat them back with batons. It’s past time for Team Biden to wake up and begin enforcing immigration rules and dealing with the border situation. Their indifference has resulted in the creation of a ticking time bomb.