Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, has condemned Beijing’s xenophobic violence against Chinese-Americans.

He has spoken out against racial discrimination and emphasized how American ideas may help America overcome the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

He also noted that the bureau’s policing criteria are used to protect Chinese-Americans, who are frequently the target of the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign persecution, including on American territory.

Wray contends that, because China has a much greater economy than the Soviet Union did during the Cold War, the CCP is now a far more powerful foe than the Soviets.

China’s GDP is currently around ten times that of Russia. All of that money might end up funding Beijing’s military spending and international clout, which it uses to threaten global democracy and the rule of law.

Wray’s warnings about Beijing’s despotism, of course, did not apply to Chinese-Americans.

The FBI’s mission of protecting Chinese-Americans and Chinese nationals in the United States from the CCP is still vivid in people’s thoughts.

Wray highlighted a Chinese-American freshman at a large Midwestern university who used social media to glorify students killed in Tiananmen Square in 1989.