Minnesota’s Department of Corrections is being sued for discrimination by a biological male transgender woman. Christina Lusk, 56, wants to be transferred from a male to a female jail.

Christina Lusk, 56, began hormone therapy treatments 14 years ago after coming out as transgender. Lusk pled guilty to felony narcotics possession and will be held at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Moose Lake, Minnesota, until 2024.

Lusk is in danger at Moose Lake, according to Jess Braverman, an attorney for Gender Justice, which is defending her client with the Minneapolis legal firm of Robins Kaplan.

Lusk is surging in part because sex reassignment surgery has been postponed by the Department of Corrections.

Lusk reportedly got top surgery and was set to get bottom surgery before going to prison.

According to Braverman, transgender persons are disproportionately targeted for abuse and harassment in state institutions including as jails and prisons, schools, and healthcare facilities.

After having intercourse with transgender convicts, two women at New Jersey’s only all-jail women’s became pregnant in April.

The unidentified pregnant women are being held at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in Clinton, which the New Jersey Governor announced plans to shut last year.

The intercourse was consenting in both cases, according to prison officials.

Following the discovery, women’s rights activist Kara Dansky spoke out against the jail for holding biological male transgender convicts in an interview.