In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Friday, social media users filmed the moment a black vehicle plowed into pro-abortion demonstrators.

Uncertainty surrounded the incident, however videos showed multiple demonstrators clinging to the truck as it attempted to go through past their blockade.

At the pro-abortion demonstration in Cedar Rapids, two nonviolent protestors were just struck by a guy driving a truck.

It was terrible when a woman’s foot was accidentally ran over.

In order to identify the truck’s owner, Lenz released a picture of the truck with the license plate visible.

Councilwoman for Cedar Rapids, Ashley Vanorny, claimed to have been there and tweeted about what she saw. “Tonight a truck jumped traffic + plowed into peaceful protestors crossing the pedestrian walkway at the Federal Courthouse. I was walking along side them—the crowd included children alongside me,”

According to Cedar Rapids Police, the vehicle caused at least one person to sustain minor injuries.

One of the states, Iowa, approved legislation that grants limited immunity to motorists who hurt protestors when their vehicles are blocked off during the demonstration.

After the US Supreme Court rendered a ruling reversing the 1973 Roe v. Wade historic decision guaranteeing the right to abortion, protests broke out all around the nation. Legal authorities have acknowledged for decades that the original decision’s justification was weak and inadequately articulated.

Conservative judges are accused by the judgment’s detractors of lying to Congress about their desire and willingness to reverse the significant ruling. While Democrats have committed to fight for legislation restoring access to abortion, most commentators predict that after the November elections, their political influence will be severely reduced.