While former President Donald Trump wants President Joe Biden to “do well,” he cannot give his successor anything better than the worst grade possible for the crisis on the border, failed Afghanistan withdrawal, exploding inflation, escalating violent crime, and supply-chain backlogs.

“I think you’d have to say an F — and not an F+,” Trump told Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night in an exclusive interview from Mar-a-Lago. “I would be an F. It’s a failed administration, it’s a disaster. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“And by the way, I wish he’d do well,. I love the country more than I love anything, family, God, country. You know, we have to take care of our country. I would love to see him do well. I don’t think there’s ever been a greater embarrassment as an administration.”

Trump said Biden has trumped the late 70s administration of President Jimmy Carter and the early 2000s of President George W. Bush.

“It’s probably the worst presidency in history,” Trump said, adding “I can’t imagine” any administration having done worse.

“I used to say Jimmy Carter,” Trump continued. “Not a big fan of Bush getting us into the Middle East, to be honest with you.

“I think, though, this is the worst in the history of our country.”

Hitting Biden on unwinding energy independence and rising inflation, the border might be the single issue as egregious as the failed, unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Our country is being poisoned,” Trump said of the migrant caravans marching through Mexican police barricades and toward Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ open southern border. “It’s being poisoned also with drugs.

“The fentanyl, and drugs generally, are pouring through our border,” he continued. “People that are very sick are coming into our country, very contagious diseases, many different diseases – not just COVID. By the way, COVID is peanuts compared to some of these diseases. 

“These leaders, if you call them leaders, they’re destroying our country.”

On crime, amid Democrats’ handcuffing law enforcement, removing cash bail, releasing criminals on to the streets, and calls to defund the police, Trump issued a warning: “They are good at destroying Republicans; they’re horrible at destroying crime.”

“This is America today; it’s only going to get worse, because you have all of these millions of people, many of them are the worst people,” Trump said. 

The only policing Democrats want to back is political prosecution, Trump added.

“All they want to do is indict Republicans,” he said. “They want to go after Republicans. They use the DAs [district attorneys], the attorney generals, and the federal government.”

Instead of defunding police, “they have to refund the police; they have to give the police more money,” he concluded.