Donald Trump Jr. lauded European protests against COVID-19 restrictions — and trashed Americans as “sheep” for not doing the same.

In comments to Fox News host Dan Bongino, Trump Jr. said “Europe is pushing back.”

But America, he continued, “is sitting there like sheep. ‘Oh, this is great. We’ll just go along with what these guys who’ve gotten nothing right in the last two years tell us.’ “

“It’s absolute insanity,” Trump Jr. said. 

Trump Jr. also alleged the U.S. media was deliberately not reporting on the recent wave of protests in Europe over winter restrictions, including some that turned into riots.

The Associated Press has regularly reported on the unrest, as have broadcast outlets including the New York Times , ABC News, and NBC News 

“You don’t hear about what’s going on as it relates to the riots in Europe on a daily basis now against the vaccine mandates because our media wants to block that out,” Trump Jr. alleged.

“They’re going to make sure that you never hear about it because they don’t want you getting these kind of ideas that freedom may actually still exist in some parts of the world.”

Several European countries have introduced measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 as winter approaches, and the United Sates introduced requirements for federal workers to be vaccinated.

Earlier this month, Morning Consult noted the United States has higher rates of vaccine hesitancy than most European countries.

In the same interview with Fox, Trump Jr. criticized President Joe Biden for abandoning his cure for cancer efforts. While vice president in the Obama administration he led the Cancer Moonshot Taskforce and after the term ended he started the Biden Center Initiative. 

“He was also going to cure cancer, if I remember correctly, Dan,” Trump Jr. told Bongino. “Remember that? Everyone was, ‘Oh, that’s great, we should definitely elect him.’ I haven’t seen much movement on that.”