In a mocking farewell to ”RINO Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker,” former President Donald Trump gave him the proverbial ”don’t let the door hit you on the way out” send-off Wednesday.

”RINO Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has announced that, because I didn’t endorse him and he is incapable of getting the Republican nomination, he will not be running for reelection,” Trump wrote in a scathing rebuke of a GOP nemesis from his Save America PAC.

”He’s been very selfish, and is bad news for the Republican Party — actually, he shouldn’t even be considered a Republican. We wish him well!” Trump continued.

In a Boston news conference aired locally after Baker announced he would not run, a reporter asked if Baker if he has closed the door on a 2024 GOP presidential primary run.

Baker scoffed and laughed with an emphatic and incredulous “yeah,” looking back at the reporter as if in disbelief.

Baker was once polling as the most popular governor in the United States, but that was before Trump’s influence on the Republican Party fully took hold during his administration.

Trump has endorsed GOP state co-chair Geoff Diehl for the GOP gubernatorial 2022 primary, and polling had backed Trump’s candidate over Baker, a two-term governor, by almost a 2-1 margin, Politico reported.