Former President Donald Trump on Monday said that Democrats “disparaged” his administration’s efforts to help create a COVID-19 vaccine, and claimed that this has caused hesitancy among people.

Trump, in an interview with Fox News Digital, said that vaccine mandates “shouldn’t be necessary,” and said, “if you remember, when I was president, there were literally lines of people wanting to take it. Now, you have a different situation, and it’s very bad.” 

He added that some Democrats “famously said, if Trump came up with it, I’ll never take it. They disparaged the vaccine, and now they wonder why people aren’t wanting to take it? It’s a disgrace.” 

Trump later said, “Look, it was one of my greatest achievements doing it in less than nine months instead of five years, or maybe never. We saved millions of people all over the world.” 

He added, “They don’t trust this president, and that’s why they’re not taking it.”