Former President Donald Trump says he lost billions of dollars while in office as he had “expected.”

Trump mentioned his financial loss during an interview with Mike Lindell after the MyPillow CEO told Trump that he was one of the few politicians who “have the people’s back.”

Trump responded by saying that he willingly suffered tremendous financial loss while some high-profile Democrats made decisions to earn money.

“Look at the money they make, they’re full-time politicians, [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and all these people — [Rep. Maxine] Waters, [Former President Barack] Obama,” Trump said in an interview aired by the Right Side Broadcasting Network on Tuesday night. “I expected to lose a lot of money, I lost billions. I expected that, it was OK. These people made money being president.

“If somebody from Saudi Arabia stays in a suite one night for peanuts, even though I’m willing to lose billions of dollars, and say they pay $600, or whatever it is, they’ll make like … I mean, it’s the most incredible thing. These people have made a fortune, many of them have made a fortune. And I was prepared.”

While Trump and Lindell discussed the 2020 election outcome and alleged voter fraud in several battleground states, Trump suggested the Democrats’ policies were proof they “cheat on elections.”

“When you have things like no voter ID, defund the police, open borders, sanctuary cities, all of the stuff they have, I don’t believe 50% of the people vote for them,” Trump said.

“I think they cheat on elections. And they do other things and that gets him up to that 50%. But they can’t have 50% with those policies.”

Trump also told Lindell that former Vice President Mike Pence was wrong for not halting certification of the Electoral College voting results.

“It was very sad when Mike Pence gave those votes over,” Trump said. “When you have more votes than there are voters, when you have other things that are so wrong, and that was then. Since then many other things have happened.”

Trump’s hotel company is set to sell the rights to his Washington D.C. hotel, which, according to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, lost more than $70 million while the former president was in office. The Wall Street Journal reported CGI Merchant Group, an investment firm based in Miami, was in talks with the Trump organization to negotiate a buying up of the lease for the hotel.