Major-General Kyrylo Budanov, the Chief of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence, claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin survived an assassination attempt two months ago in the Caucasus region, while other reports claim that the strongman has resorted to carrying a suitcase containing nuclear codes to deter further plots.

Because it comes from the director of a Ukrainian intelligence organization, the assassination attempt accusation should be regarded with a grain of salt. There might be a lot of misdirection going on here.

After the invasion of Ukraine had begun, an attempt was made.

According to accounts, Vlad is scared of assassination and now carries the nuclear codes with him to scare away any plotters.

Putin has claimed that at least five assassination attempts were made against him in 2017.

Russian intelligence stopped one plan just before the 2012 presidential election in Russia. Several individuals were captured in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa after Islamist Chechen militants charged them with assassinating Putin.

On the day of the 2008 Russian presidential election, he was the target of a similar murder attempt, with a Tajik shooter caught hours before Putin was scheduled to deliver a speech in Red Square in Moscow.

Suicide bombers are reportedly said to have pondered targeting Putin during a 2007 trip to Iran’s capital, Tehran.

Alexey Muraviev, a Russia expert, believes that any coup attempt would come from within Putin’s military and intelligence agencies. The coup might be motivated by a desire to win the war rather than stop the assault in Ukraine.

Putin’s difficulties have recently been compounded by health concerns, with claims that he has blood cancer or another ailment.