The long-awaited intercontinental ballistic missile test by the US has been postponed because of the hostilities between China and Taiwan.

Before the postponement, the Air Force had originally intended to test the launch this week from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, according to authorities.

The US is acting like a responsible nuclear power, according to John Kirby of the National Safety Council, by lowering the likelihood of error in judgment and perception.

The delay occurs as China conducts a four-day set of military drills close to Taiwan, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This is in reaction to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s much watched visit earlier this week.

During a phone meeting with US President Joe Biden last week, Chinese leader Xi Jinping had earlier warned that whomever plays with fire will get burned if they permit Pelosi to land in Taiwan.

Pelosi has received repeated advice from China not to travel, and Beijing has received advice from the US not to escalate the situation into a military conflict.

The Minuteman III missile will make what is known as a “Glory Trip” which will test the intercontinental weapon’s reachability.

To avoid escalating the disagreement with Vladimir Putin during the Russia-Ukraine war, the Pentagon also canceled the regular action earlier in March.

Officials stated the latest delay may last 10 days but did not give a specific time frame for when Minuteman III will launch.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry declared on Tuesday that they will closely watch Pelosi’s schedule and take decisive action to protect China’s sovereignty.

The US is being blamed by Beijing for inciting them over the separatist island, which the Communist Party has long maintained is Chinese territory. Beijing is upset and has promised to take action.

Second only to Vice President Kamala Harris in line for the president is the US Speaker of the House.

In light of the rising tension between the two countries, President Biden has said in public that the US military has warned against Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

However, Republicans have urged the speaker to continue.