Electric vehicle proponents frequently cite the charging stations that EVs require as a perfect illustration of what they believe to be so great about EVs. Even while they recognize that charging an EV at a charging station takes longer than filling up a vehicle or truck at a gas station does, they frequently point out that the cheaper cost of a charging station compared to a petrol station is what makes the whole EV concept so great.

However, they fail to mention all the negative outcomes that might occur while you wait interminably for your automobile to charge. Sure, they counter, thirty minutes might not seem like a big deal; you can read a chapter or two of a book, get some lunch, take a little stroll, or do something else while you wait for it to fill up.

This was shown by an upsetting video that just emerged from California and depicts what appears to be a homeless camp constructed around the charging stations. Would you want to remain in a homeless camp for 30 minutes without being able to move because your car isn’t charged, or would you rather leave your brand-new Tesla in the midst of one?

Whatever your opinion of a combustion-powered car’s carbon emissions, at least you don’t have to wait about in a place like that for 30 minutes, and you don’t have to leave your refueling car in a situation like that for 30 minutes, barring the very unusual and fringest of situations.

Even with the relatively short time it now takes to fill up a car, gas stations may be perilous. At gas stations, robberies, shootings, and carjackings all occur. What will happen when the issue with waiting and inactivity worsens and camps similar to the one above start to appear all around homeless camps? No good, most likely. In fact, it makes sense to predict that the issue will only worsen.

James Woods, an actor, promoted this viewpoint, claiming that EV charging stations are probably even riskier than petrol stations. He described it as a “nightmare,” and if the scenario depicted in the video above is any indication of what will occur, the EV situation will undoubtedly be a nightmare.