According to the Daily Mail, Vice President Kamala Harris appears to have been separating herself from President Joe Biden in a new report.

However, this is being challenged by the White House. but we will see.

A look at Harris’s schedule

After Biden’s inauguration in January, Harris joined Biden in participating in many events. They participated in 20 events in January; 38 in February; 38 in March; and 38 in March.

This includes private and public events. When one only looks at the public events they attended together, it shows that there were 9 in January and 18 in February. There were 13 in March.

The dropoff started after March. The number of public and private events Harris and Biden attended together over the next five month, from April through August, was 23. June saw only 12. If you exclude private events, April had the highest number of 10 while June saw 12.

In September, there were 8 appearances, while in October, there were 7. If you take out the private appearances you will find that there was only one public appearance in September, and one in October.

After making 18 public appearances in February, Biden was only able to make one appearance with Harris in September and October.

What happened?

Harris or any politician would be wise to distance herself from Biden if she is doing so.

Biden currently faces the south border crisis, economic crisis, Afghanistan crisis and many other issues. Biden has not been able solve the coronavirus pandemic, the crisis he promised as a presidential candidate. Biden’s latest approval rating of 42.3 percent is a terrible polling.

Harris would be wise to distance herself from Biden. However, the White House claims that Harris is not doing this. Officials claim that Biden and Harris often meet together, and that they have lunch every week.

Harris spokesperson also denied that Harris is separating herself from Biden. She Stated:

The Vice President keeps a busy schedule doing the work of the Administration and always in support of the President. Sometimes those events are together, other times apart, sometimes she is on the road amplifying the agenda of the Administration and highlighting the importance of Build Back Better.

Are you buying these rationalizations? We’re not.