The Biden White House has a notorious reputation for having various degrees of dysfunction. The White House staff was reportedly struggling last year, particularly with satisfying the demands of the higher-ups.

News emerged that a significant portion of African-American employees with the Biden administration were quitting because of unfavorable working conditions.

Both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have been charged of creating toxic work environments that employees eventually don’t want to be a part of.

The dysfunction is still there less than halfway through this administration’s first two years in office. This time, it manifests in Vice President Harris losing staff members once again.

Meghan Groob, the vice president’s speechwriter, and Rohini Kosoglu, her service assistant, are the most recent team members to go.

Due to the well-documented turnover rates Harris has already suffered in a relatively short period of time, these departures are noteworthy. Additionally, Groob decided to leave her position with the vice president before completing even six months of her employment.

Harris has had trouble keeping employees on board during her tenure in office, but this is especially true with her communications team.

Many Americans are wondering whether the vice presidents had anything to do with the high turnover rates, which have led to unfavorable working conditions for the majority of employees.

Some have asserted that the resignations have less to do with Harris personally and more to do with the resignations’ desire to distance themselves from a failing government.

This point of view contends that White House staff members should worry about their own future jobs in addition to being associated with an unpopular president in the past.

In terms of popularity, Harris has actually witnessed a tiny decline in her ratings compared to Biden. Overall, one of the aforementioned causes or possibly a combination of them all might be to blame for the high turnover rates.

In either case, the vice president and other members of the administration don’t look good with the workers leaving continuously.

Meanwhile, the White House continues to demonstrate a lack of interest in calling attention to the high staff turnover rates it is now facing. An administration that already has low popularity ratings won’t look good in light of the overall issue.