Another day, another battle with Joe Biden’s human language. Biden started his speech by reading from the teleprompter a few names while addressing “supply chains issues”.

It didn’t work out. No, not at all.

“I’m joined by the executer(?) director of Los Angeles, and uh, Long Beach Gene Soroka, and uh, Mari-uh, Mario Cardono,” Biden began, needing to close his eyes in concentration to say the word “Mario”.

“Uh….I misspoke, I apologize”, he said off-camera to the man whose name he butchered.

Then he introduced another man. However, he seemed to have stuffed his entire title and name into one word. It sounded like “AndThePresidentOfTheInternationalLongShoremansUnion Willie Adams”.

Listen and watch below:

You thought that this was the only mistake? It’s not. These are just a few more cringeworthy moments.