After an embarrassing and disgraceful attempt to deflect criticism over skyrocketing inflation, a top assistant in President Joe Biden’s office was roasted online.

Jesse Lee, the National Economic Council’s senior communications advisor, accused Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott of being in lockstep with Russian President Vladimir Putin in his criticism of Biden’s policies.

While the Biden administration has sought to blame inflation on everything from greedy meat companies to the pandemic, research reveals that more Americans blame inflation on Biden and his actions.

In an attempt to deflect criticism, White House press secretary Jen Psaki used the phrase Putin’s price rise.

Many people turned to social media to blast Lee and the Biden administration for their strange rhetoric.

“This is humiliating and terrible rhetoric from the White House,” Republican Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina reacted. “It’s time for President Biden and his advisors to start accepting responsibility for their failed policies and out-of-control spending over the previous 15 months.”

“No surprise inflation continues getting worse,” Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas said. “The Biden Administration claims concern about inflation is “totally in lockstep” with Putin.

If you blame them for increasing inflation and oil costs, you’re a Russian spy and a Putin stooge, according to the Biden White House and their advisers. According to this logic, the White House claims that more than 60% of Americans agree with Putin. Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida believes this strategy will work effectively in the midterm elections (R).

Due to rising inflation and other failings of the Biden administration, polls predict that Democrats are expected to suffer significant political losses in the midterm elections.