Due to high gas costs, the White House is allegedly considering offering gas subsidies to Americans.

The administration has not ruled out the issuance of petrol rebate cards, according to a White House official. The cards would theoretically subsidize the cost of petrol for many Americans who are trying to make ends meet because gas is increasingly considered a luxury item.

According to the official, the president has stated that he is open to consider all possibilities and listen to any proposals that would assist cut gas costs for Americans.

Last week, the national average price of normal gasoline increased by ten cents to $5.01 per gallon, a new high.

Nevertheless, several states’ averages increased by more than double in the same period.

In fact, for the seven-day period ending on Monday, the top ten states with the biggest weekly rises recorded by AAA saw prices rise by at least 21 cents. The highest price increase was in West Virginia.

President Biden slammed the quickly growing price of oil and gas on Saturday when speaking to reporters.

A reporter following Biden in the press pool inquired about the president’s opinion on the national average petrol price hitting $5 per gallon. Biden blamed Ukraine’s continuing incursion.

The president then went on to stress the government’s choice to dip into American oil reserves.