The abortion issue in America reached the White House on May 5th, when a daring reporter questioned White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about church vandalism and if anybody in the Biden administration was standing up for unborn children. She, predictably, snapped.

That reporter was EWTN’s Owen Jensen, who has previously clashed with Psaki. He began a verbal war with Biden’s far-left press secretary in the hopes of eliciting an answer.

Jensen, who asked Psaki his question shortly after receiving the podium back from her soon-to-be replacement, opted to bring up the abortion controversy.

“Jen, can I ask a question? A Catholic church was just vandalized with pro-abortion slogans in Colorado. It just happened recently. Is the White House aware of that, first of all?”

Given that Biden brags about his Catholic background whenever the subject of faith comes up, you’d think that attacks on churches would be a major concern for this administration. But Psaki didn’t even know about the story, or at least claimed not to, and then sought to downplay the situation by portraying the majority of the protesters as nonviolent.

“What would you say to those vandals going after Catholic churches, especially when it involves Roe?” Jensen spoke again. That’s essentially what they’re concentrating on.”

Jen snapped, “Again, we don’t condone vandalism. We support peaceful demonstrations.”

Jensen then probed Psaki on whether Biden would follow the court’s judgment, specifically asking if the President would honor the Supreme Court’s final Roe decision.

Psaki, on the other hand, declined to answer and just stated that she was moving on.

Jensen managed to score his greatest punch on Team Biden yet a few minutes later, asking who’s looking out for the unborn kid.

Psaki, unsurprisingly, declined to react, meaning that no one is speaking out for the unborn and that Team Biden doesn’t want to deal with or care about the problem, and she was clearly irritated that she was even questioned about it. Team Biden put on a disgusting performance.